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Escort Glossary Of Terms

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Escort Glossary Of Terms. Details about Escort Glossary Of Terms.

escort glossary of terms

Terms relating to escorts and escort services Showing 100 of

...One who applies great suction during oral sex.Orifice of female sex organs.Any nonkinky sex acts.Bi-sexual.Value for money.Material used for fetish fashions.The Smoking Gun has released a glossary of terms Haight expects to ..

. Escort Service Terms is currently a stub, a brief collection of the best links for this story.However, Independent Providers or Escort Services with good references are a ... Terms and Abbreviations List (link at top of page) for a glossary of terms and ...Glossary. Glossary of common terms used in escort reviews, and message board posts. Agency: An organization or individual that manages many providers.Definition of escort in the Online Dictionary

. Meaning of escort. Pronunciation of escort. Translations of escort. escort synonyms, escort antonyms. Information ...Male to female. Used to specify the direction of a sex or gender ..

.Escort slang, To Completion, usually used in conjunction with oral sex. ... Escort is just another PC (politically correct) term for someone who sucks/fucks for ...Jan 2, 2013 ... This is a reference for escort terms and abbreviations used to describe varoius sexual activities in escort ads

. Each sex term is followed by a ...Mar 27, 2008 ... Need a handy glossary for escort service terms like CBJ or DFK? Well, the Department of Justice is here to help ( ...